Contract Servicing

Are you, or will you be, receiving payments on a contract or obligation of any type?

Valley Contract Servicing can handle all the details of servicing your loan or contract payments, including depositing directly into your checking, savings or investment account.

Most frequently, "Contracts" collectively refers to "Real Estate Contracts", "Notes and Deeds of Trust" or "Notes and Mortgages". They can include personal loans, car loans, business loans, rentals and leases. These are all modes of seller financing.

For the seller, collecting and disbursing funds correctly can demand more time and financial knowledge which many may prefer not to expend.

Valley Contract Servicing Specialists can simplify the process for you.

  • The terms of your signed contract or agreement are followed precisely.
  • Original documents can be stored safely and conveniently at the Bank until the terms of the contract are met.
  • We track principal and interest, late fees, and apply all payments properly.
  • We provide individual year-end Interest Tax reporting, to each payer and payee.
  • Funds are disbursed electronically or via paper check.
  • Funds can be deposited into checking, savings or investment accounts

We can relieve you of the worry and inconvenience of handling and seeing after all the details. Our experience ensures that the payment processing and bookkeeping tasks are accurate and timely. This allows you to spend your time on the activities that are important to you, knowing that your contract is being serviced by our knowledgeable and professional staff.

Who is This Service For?

Valley Contract Servicing can be of assistance to you and make your life a little easier if:

  • You've sold a house, business or lot and carried back a loan or contract.(Seller Financing)
  • You loaned money to someone for a car or other major purchase.
  • You are collecting rent on rental property or other leased property.
  • You are collecting a payment of any type.
  • You and/or the payer desire a neutral third party to provide record keeping on payments.
  • You want the convenience of not having to personally collect and account for the payments or take it to the bank.
  • You are not sure how to satisfy the IRS interest reporting requirements.
  • You want to increase the likelihood of prompt payment.

Here Are More Ways We Can Assist You:

  • We will work with you or any professional working with you, such as Realtors, CPAs, Attorneys, to set up the collection account or transfer it.
  • Valley Contract Servicing collects the payments owed to you every month.
  • Payments are promptly mailed to you or deposited into your checking, savings, or investment account.
  • An accurate record of every payment made and every disbursement.
  • Provide individual year-end Interest Tax reporting to each payer and payee.
  • Having your borrower deal with a financial institution rather than an individual (you), and with the use of payment coupons, there is an increase in the likelihood of prompt payments.
  • Gives you greater freedom, deposits are made to your account even when you're out of town.
  • Lets you avoid unnecessary bookkeeping, phone calls, and travel expenses.

Realtors, CPAs, Attorneys

Valley Contract Servicing provides professionals with reliable and cost effective solutions to fit their client needs. As a neutral third party, Valley Contract Servicing ensures proper management of contracts involving seller financing and minimizes disputes between buyers and sellers.

Offer more options to your clients.

  • Seller financing is a valuable sales and client solution tool, providing greater flexibility to put deals together and meet client goals.
  • Make more properties saleable
  • Close more sales
  • Close more quickly
  • Qualify more buyers, even those with credit blemishes
  • Make more properties saleable, even those that would not qualify for conventional financing

Contract Servicing Corporate Seller Packet Available HERE

Contract Servicing Corporate Buyer Packet Available HERE

To set up an account, contact us in Wenatchee at (509) 664-5452 or e mail