Mobile Banking FAQs

Q. What are the restrictions on the type of mobile devices that can be used to access accounts? 

A.  The Cashmere Valley Bank mobile solution is phone device agnostic. It works with any web-enabled mobile phone device whose network allows secure SSL traffic.

Q. What functions can I perform from my mobile device?

A.  You can:

  • View Transaction History
  • View Account Balances
  • Transfer Funds between accounts
  • Pay Bills
  • View Alerts
  • Manage Lost/Stolen or Re-order Debit Cards
  • Mobile Deposit

Q. How do I know if my transfer or bill payment was entered successfully?

A.  If you have selected to receive alerts each time you make a transfer or bill payment, a confirmation SMS Text Message is sent to your mobile device or you may choose to receive email alerts. If you do not receive a confirmation message, you can double check to make sure the transaction went through via traditional Online Banking.

Q. What happens if I lose my mobile device?

A.  Since your account data is not stored on your mobile device, your information cannot be stolen. When you replace your device, simply re-install the CVB Mobile App.

Q. What happens if I lose communication/signal during a transaction?

A.  When you complete a transaction from your mobile device (bill payment, funds transfer, etc.) you can receive a SMS Text Message or email alert as confirmation that the transaction was successful. If you do not receive this message due to a dropped call or lost signal, check your accounts and re-submit any transactions that did not process.

Q. What do I need to do if I get a new phone?

A.  If you simply get a new phone, no changes on your part are necessary, simply re-install the CVB Mobile App.

Q. How can I search for a transaction?

A.  You will be able to view approximately 120 days’ worth of transaction history on your mobile device.

Q. How do I delete a Bill Payment that I set up through my mobile device?

A.  You must log in to Online Banking and delete the payment from the main menu of the Bill Pay module.

Q. When I try to enter an amount for a bill payment or transfer, I can’t enter any numbers, only letters. Why?

A.  Check your phone’s settings to make sure you don’t have Alpha-only enabled on the keypad.