Business Credit Cards

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* Rates and terms are subject to change. Cash back is credited to your VISA statement every December. 

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(1)A grace period is a period of time that your purchase transaction will not accrue interest. Generally, if you pay your Cashmere Valley Bank credit card balance off in full each month you will not pay any interest. The grace period does not apply to balance transfer or cash advance transactions.

(2)A fixed rate is a rate that does not change during the term of your loan. This means you'll know exactly how much interest you'll pay before you even get the loan, and you don't have to worry about your payment increasing unexpectedly from month to month.

(3)The annual percentage rate, or APR, factors in the fees required over the life of the loan in addition to the loan's interest cost and express the total amount as a yearly percentage. The APR provides a more accurate measure of the actual cost of the loan as compared to just the interest rate.