The Municipal Services department provides banking and financing solutions for local municipalities in the Pacific Northwest. Our focus is on creating solutions that provide flexibility and value for our clients. 

Our Services 

  • Banking services 
  • Privately-placed bonds and notes 
  • Municipal Credit Cards 
  • Interim-financings in connection with USDA Rural Development projects 


Cashmere Valley Bank provides financing to local municipalities by structuring and purchasing bonds at private placement. We create simple, flexible, cost-effective structures for smaller entities by doing our own internal credit analysis. We do not require a rating to be obtained, and no official statement is produced, resulting in savings to the issuer. We have the ability to evaluate general obligations, revenue bonds, and assessment bonds.

Typical financing terms include the ability to prepay the bond at anytime without penalty, minimal closing costs, and level debt service over the term of the bond.

By working with a community bank headquartered in Washington, local tax dollars stay local. We think this important and helps build stronger communities.

If you are interested in working with us on a financing, please contact us! 

Credit Cards 

Municipal credit cards are a great tool for municipal travel, internet purchases, and department accounting. The Bank will work with your municipality to legally and properly secure credit cards to comply with state regulations and restrictions. 

We can assist in the creating of a policy of issuance and use for the cards, a resolution or ordinance to adopt the policy, and an application for the cards specifying the number of cards, the names on the cards, and the credit limits as approved by the council, board, or commissioners. 

Cards cannot be used for cash advances, and must be fully paid each month; late fees and interest must be paid by the individual card user, not the municipality so be sure to keep on top of your statements! We will help you get online access to the card statements so you will have plenty of time to process payment vouchers. 

If you have further questions or would like us to mail you an application, please contact the municipal department at 866-252-2265. Operational questions can be addressed by the credit card department at (509) 664-5455.