Easy Pay FAQs

Q. What is ACH?

A.  The Automated Clearing House, or ACH, is a nationwide network to distribute electronic transactions. All financial institutions are required to accept ACH transactions.

Q. Do my employees or customers need to have their account at Cashmere Valley Bank to participate?

A.  No. They can have an account at any financial institution in the United States.

Q. How can I determine what my savings will be?

A.  Contact us at (509) 664-5454 for a free cost comparison.

Q. How will I get the transaction information to Cashmere Valley Bank?

A.  Transaction can be originated a couple different ways:

  • Directly through Online Cash Management
  • Your billing software may have the ability to create ACH files. If so, you can simply upload the file to your Online Cash Management for processing.

Q. What effect will Easy Pay have on my cash flow?

A.  EASY PAY can improve cash flow dramatically. For example, suppose you are sending invoices on a monthly basis. You mail invoices 4 times a month, however, your customers send in payments whenever they get around to it. This means incoming cash is delayed. With EASY PAY, you will create 4 transaction files and send them to Cashmere Valley Bank. On the date the transactions are to post (the effective date), your account will be credited with the amount of the transactions. No more waiting for your customers to remember to mail you a check!

Q. What about returned items?

A.  ACH transactions can be returned just the same as checks. Incoming ACH returns will be communicated to you on a daily basis, as they happen. You can either re-initiate the transaction or handle it as you would a returned check.